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About Marty Solmon Construction

Thirty Five Years of Quality Construction

For over 35 years Marty and Mary Solmon have been helping their clients turn their dreams into the homes of their dreams. Helping people choose a home design that is uniquely theirs from a raw concept is, in itself, a process Marty and Mary pride themselves in. -Long before the first nail is driven.

Marty's exacting attention to detail in all phases of design and construction is complimented by Mary's keen eye and experience in ensuring everything from proper room flow, to being able to advise and help with color and material choices that complement and enhance the overall project. They both enjoy the ebb and flow that comes from working with a customer throughout a new home project. They listen to your wants and needs and also have a wealth of experience for you to draw from. Their long list of satisfied customers will attest that the experience that Marty and Mary bring to the project are the key to coming up with a home that is architecturally sound, aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient, and most importantly, feels like YOUR home from the moment you walk through the door.

Marty Solmon Construction is a small, family owned business. We know our employees and their families well. We only work with and choose subcontractors for your project that have proven track records of providing the same top quality work and attention to detail that we expect from our own employees. We handle all aspects of a project so you can focus on enjoying the experience. Most importantly, we love what we do, and we value the relationships that we develop with our customers long after their projects are completed.

 Please call (218)850-8715 or (218)849-8787 for more information. 

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