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Marty Solmon Construction Inc.

Timberframe Construction

Hand-Hewen by Master Craftsmen

We specialize in both structural Timber-Frame construction and non-structural Timber-Frame accent construction techniques.

Our Timber-Frame components are hand-hewn by master craftsmen to our exacting specifications. They are rigorously inspected to ensure that they are not just structurally sound, but also beautiful to the eye. 

Many of our home designs incorporate both structural and non-structural Timber-Frame construction techniques, so you get the most cost-efficient Timber-Frame effect for the dollar. Where actual structural components are required, they are used. Where accent components can be used in lieu of actual structural Timber beams, modern engineered truss systems and wall components are utilized.

In all our homes, regardless of which framing details are incorporated in the design, ultra modern energy efficient components and techniques are utilized, so your home will be comfortable to live in as well as to pay the monthly bills for.

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Ultra Modern/Energy Efficient

We utilize ultra modern energy efficient components and techniques in the homes we build so your home is more comfortable and utility affordable!